Media Defined Networking® Technology provides High Performance Workflow Efficiencies along with Bandwidth Optimization

Melbourne, Australia– May 16, 2016: Media Links, a 2014 Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award winner and the market leader in media over IP transport solutions will be demonstrating a full complement of hardware and software enhancements at CommunicAsia 2016, booth 1D3-11.

Media Links solutions maximize the connectivity and distribution of content over IP networks, creating a truly seamless and integrated transport environment.

Media Links is at the forefront of providing solutions for the mission-critical transport of IP-based media & video, and media leaders around the globe rely on its solutions for the most advanced remote & live applications that maximize bandwidth utilization, and optimize network usage to move content between locations, studios, distribution networks, and across the world.

Solutions to be demonstrated at CommunicAsia, booth 1D3-11 include:

4K Transport Interface
Utilizes the UVTX/UVRX line cards of the MD8000 Media over IP Transport Platform to process 4K video resolutions using 4x 1080P Square-Division or Two-Sample-Interleave signals. Each of four 1080P inputs is simultaneously compressed using low latency JPEG 2000 coding and packetized into a composite MPEG2TS over IP stream following SMPTE 2022-1, -2 and -7 standards. Either 1080P Level A or Level B inputs can be accommodated.

MDP 3010 – IP to J2K Decoder – first in the MDP Series of IP Edge Devices
Pristine quality IP to JPEG2000 processing in a compact, portable and rugged footprint. The MDP3010 meets the challenges of high-end broadcast applications or simple IP-based network applications, where space and cabling requirements are restricted. It receives IP packets that contain a JPEG2000 compressed stream through a 1GbE network interface and reproduces them into simultaneous SDI & HDMI video outputs.

NetGazer™ Network Management System
Scalable graphically-orientated software platform that monitors and manages complex network environments and their associated elements while concealing the complexities of the underlying details, thus simplifying media service assurance and fulfillment. It is a comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring and management system that provides graphically rich topology maps for intuitively displaying network elements and signal flows. An integrated SDN (Software Defined Networking) and MDN (Media Defined Networking®) platform allows performance optimization for high bandwidth multi-media services. Several NetGazer™ editions are available that scale from single studio environments to large enterprise and global networks.

H.264 Compression Codecs
Offers greater compression efficiency for applications lacking sufficient backbone capacity or having “thin” pipes at the network edge. Highly configurable compression parameters based on One-GOP or Multi-GOP modes along with bandwidth settings mean that picture quality can be fine-tuned to meet precise delivery requirements. Available for use on the UVTX/UVRX line cards of the MD8000 Media over IP Transport Platform.

“Our ongoing vision is to create totally seamless transport networks for the professional media industry based on our Media Defined Networking® technology, which leverages Media Links’ 20+ years of video-over-IP experience to enable workflow, cost and bandwidth efficiencies” stated Kengo Moto, Vice President of Media Links Australia.