At an event held on October 20, 2015 at Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA personnel conducted successful testing to verify interoperability between five vendor implementations of the Video Services Forum’s (VSF’s) Technical Recommendation 01 (TR-01). TR-01 uses existing standards to define interoperable profiles for real time streaming of a broadcast profile JPEG 2000 codestream wrapped in MPEG2TS, with audio and ancillary data and encapsulated in IP with FEC. The verification was necessary in order to include TR-01 as an acceptable technology for use with multi-agency spaceflight operations. “We need to show more than one vendor implementation interoperating with each other”, said Walt Lindblom, Video Engineer – NASA Imagery Experts Group. “This was successfully demonstrated during our test this week”.

Media Links successfully participated in the NASA TR-01 JPEG2000 Interop test.
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