IP has almost been positioned as a digital nirvana for both content generation and transport. We’ve been told IP is cheaper, faster, better and… add your own descriptor. While that eventually may be the case, getting there remains a challenge.

The conversion to IP-centric facilities and transport systems was again a key theme at this year’s NAB trade show. Hundreds of companies touted their IP equipment, solutions and expertise.

But, when migrating to an IP facility what are key factors to consider? Does the move to IP need to be a forklift upgrade or even a total greenfield build? Can I migrate my older equipment into a newer IP infrastructure?

Wat differentiates IP solutions? Is an IP switch from one vendor the same as one from another? What features should I look for? Finally, many of today’s proposed solutions are promoted as using COTS (Commercial -Off-The-Shelf) equipment. Is that good—or bad?

To help readers better understand some of the key issues surrounding IP migration, The Broadcast Bridge asked John Dale III, newly appointed CEO and President of Media Links about the migration to IP networked infrastructures. Because Media Links has deep knowledge in IP transport and interface technology, his perspective may be useful as you plan your facility’s evolution to an all-IP world. Read the full article…